Paris Hilton Sculpture by NY Artist Daniel Edwards

Clay model of the Paris Hilton Autopsy by Daniel Edwards.

Paris Hilton Sculpture by NY Artist Daniel EdwardsThe naked corpse of Paris Hilton may prove important for students readying for the season’s prom. A graphic depiction of Paris Hilton in a tiara and autopsied with removable innards cautions teenagers from the danger of drinking before age. The sculpture of Paris Hilton by NY artist Daniel Edwards portrays her as the prom queen of the deceased, claiming to be a warning against drunken driving. The Paris Hilton sculpture shows the 26-year old heiress and socialite naked and dead with one hand holding a cocktail glass and another with a cell phone in addition to her hapless dog Tinkerbell jumping over her chest.

The sculpture by Daniel Edwards displays removable body parts like small intestines, uterus and fetuses to aid youngsters see the coroner’s perspective of a drunk driving tragedy. The sculpture of Paris Hilton debuted in the Paris Hilton exhibition in the second week of May 2007 at Capla Kesting Fine Art gallery in the Williamsburg neighborhood. Polyester resin was used in making the sculpture, which started in January 2007 following the notorious party leading to her arrest over driving on a suspended license. A 45-day sentence was imposed for violation of her probation terms for reckless driving under alcohol-influence.

The Paris Hilton sculpture by NY artist inspires almost every human emotion from outrage to tears. The sculpture is a work of art, which anyone can interpret, as he desires. Absorbing both hatred and love, the Paris Hilton sculpture by Edwards symbolizes a pressing issue. High interaction with the sculpture draws high degrees of humble faults, hidden evils, victimless crimes, high virtues, false moralities, basic fears and dark desires. The Paris Hilton sculpture has been kept in the ultimate trend-setting Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at the Capla Kesting Fine Art Gallery. The gallery promotes the sculpture of the heiress as a part of the ‘Campaign to Rescue Women of Youth’. Well, charity and public awareness is not the sole purpose of crafting Paris Hilton’s sculpture. But the sculpture has been designed by Daniel Edwards for making money as well. Those interested in buying the sculpture should call the gallery for knowing the price of the famous sculpture.

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published: 2012-03-28


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