Paris Hilton Jail Scandal

Paris Hilton goes to jail.

Paris Hilton Jail Scandal

Paris Hilton is a household name across the world, thanks to all celebrity magazines featuring the rich heiress. She has achieved fame for going around carelessly and splurging vast fortunes on futile purchases designed solely for her pleasure alone.

Till now, it seemed that Paris was more concerned about her looks and herself than anything else in the world. So people, in a way, stopped paying any attention to her. However, with the Paris Hilton jail scandal, following her recent sentence to 45 days in jail for violating a court order by driving with a suspended license, the spotlight has been turned on her again.

The Paris Hilton jail scandal, stemming from the sentencing to jail for repeated offence, was a clear attempt by the American justice to prove that it does not favor the rich. The sentence was also intended to teach a lesson to Paris Hilton that she had sufficient liberty to use her chauffeur’s services with no obligation at all to drive her car herself. With this, a life may also have been saved as Paris Hilton will not drive her car again under influence or when lacking in her optimal driving abilities.

Paris Hilton epitomizes every youngster’s aspiration for beauty and wealth beyond reason. There are many who hate her, many who lover her, and many who love to hate her. Nonetheless, nobody can resist looking and reading about her. It would be most ideal if she had used the jail scandal as an opportunity to turn into a positive role model.

The Paris Hilton jail scandal could be the big break she has needed for long. On being confined in jail, it may be possible for her to look back on her life and come to the realization of the bigger role in society for her. Being as wealthy and popular as she is, she could spread much happiness and get involved in meaningful activities.

So hopefully, this jail scandal will prove to be an opportunity for the lady to gain proactively from this short traumatic experience and recognize how to improve, develop and grow in life.

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published: 2012-03-28


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