NCAA Womens Basketball

Championship is an annual college basketball tournament for women.

NCAA Womens Basketball

In America, it is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) that is in charge of the sports activities in colleges. Among the sports events, basketball is amongst the most popular ones. Many NCAA players have become ‘the stars’ in National Basketball Association (NBA). Fans show their support to the NCAA teams by coming in NCAA sports apparel in the matches. NCAA basketball tournament is the all-time favorite for the sports enthusiasts in US. When the NCAA tournament begins, the entire nation turns into a basketball crazy nation. For women, the annual basketball tournament is NCAA Women’s Championship.

The colleges are organized into groups according to three divisions. The division 1 is participated by colleges which sponsor a minimum of seven sports events for men and women and consists of two team sports for each gender. Division 2 colleges include those which sponsor at least 4 sports events for men and women and also have two team sports for each gender. In the Division 3 come the colleges that sponsor at least 5 sports events for men and women along with two team sports for both genders. NCAA lays downs the number of matches the members needs to play in its division.

The tournament is played for three weeks. This usually begins in the third Thursday of March. The first two days are vibrant with packed schedules and about 32 teams make their exit. In the next two days, the number of teams reduces to 16. This brings in more excitement in the game. In the next round, the teams are reduced to four and this round is followed by a break of four days. After the break, the remaining four teams begin their final battle for the cup.

Winners of this tournament are known as college basketball champions and they become the center of attraction.

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published: 2012-03-28


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