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作者:政教处 发布日期:2018年11月13日 22:55 浏览次数:
         On Monday afternoon,in the Lecture Miss Zhao told us about how to eat snacks healthily. First,she asked us two questions: What are snacks? and why do we eat them? Then she made a cup of grape juice: one spoon of sugar, two spoons of saccharin and some pigment. Then the juice could be drunk. The colour was purple. It looked very beautiful. We all wanted to drink it.

Miss Zhao gave us a cup of juice to try. It tasted good and it was very sweet. But Miss Zhao told us when we bought the grape juice in the supermarket, we should be careful.

Then we saw the ingredients of convenience noodles. We could notice there were many additives, which were not very healthy. Then Miss Zhao told us how to eat healthily.

At last, we played a game about classification of the snacks. If we did it corretcly, we could take snacks back.

Miss Zhao’s lecture was very interesting. We all like it very much.

                                                            Written  by  Class 3 Grade 7 朱宸、胡沁然